FNT Condition Monitoring Services

What we can do for you

FNT is a brand independent Condition Monitoring Service Provider using an extensive combination of predictive maintenance techniques to optimize customer's benefits.

Condition Monitoring

Machinery malfunctions cannot be stopped even when the most thorough scheduled or planned maintenance system is implemented. Above that in case of unexpected failure, collateral damages magnify the consequences in safety, production and reputation.

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Pre dry-docking surveys

FNT pre dry-docking survey contributes to a reduction in time spent in dry dock. The surveys are undertaken up to three months before the planned dry docking. FNT engineers survey the machinery, identifying machines which are satisfactory and those with malfunctions.

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End of Warranty period survey

End of warranty inspection from FNT – We Detect critical component failures which help you establish warranty claims.

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Troubleshooting and diagnosis

Orbital analysis, run-up & coast-down, ODS, short-time fourier and wavelet analysis are used to identify the root cause of persistent problems.

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